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Business Phone

Our experience helping many hundreds of business customers will allow us to diagnose your communication needs and quickly connect you to the services you need to configure and optimize your business telecommunications.

Business Internet

Internet service is critical for you and your employees to work effectively and to differentiate your business. If you haven’t evaluated your options in a while, it’s worth taking a look. Let us connect you to the optimal solution for your business.

Unified Messaging Solutions

Integrate multiple forms of messaging and communications media, such as email, fax, voicemail, text and company directories into a single platform which can be monitored from multiple devices.

Disaster & Data Recovery Services

Reliable data backup solutions allow you to avoid business disruptions and prevents data loss or breach by protecting your data from equipment failure, human error, malware, hackers, theft, unpredictable weather and natural disasters.


Maintain a strong security presence to block the latest threats and prevent cyberattacks such as phishing and ransomware, with robust, routine integrity tests of your systems, business continuity planning and other consultative services.

Collocated hosting

Control over your servers with our data center that offers tremendous savings, flexible hosting isolation and security surveillance to prevent any issues. You will enjoy the features of a large IT solution without the investment.

Fiber Connectivity

Fiber connectivity can lend a great advantage to companies of all sizes, particularly organizations who use the cloud for apps or data storage. Fiber coupled with VoIP is a powerful combination for business communications.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile is not just smartphones. Laptops, tablets and other communication tools should be part of any mobile plan. MDM ensures that all of your company’s mobile devices, and the data that they transport and store, stays secure and functional.

Managed Services

Companies of all shapes and sizes can have access to the amenities of a full-fledged IT infrastructure through affordable third party managed service providers that work remotely, and deploy data through the cloud.

ABOUT TRU connect

TRU connect is a total solutions provider of telecommunications, information technology products and services to all types businesses and government entities. Partnering with the most trusted providers enables us to find the best, most reliable and secure solution for your needs. We have more than 25 years industry experience to ensure that we will be able to identify a scalable solution for our customers as their needs evolve. We have a team of experts to support install and address customer’s service needs.


Business is done through relationships between people. Helping connect you and your business to the right person and partner to solve your technology needs is the concept behind TRU connect.

We have decades of industry experience to help you identify and clarify your technology needs. Our strong relationships with partners who can help is the cornerstone of our work.

Our partners and product offering evolve over time to best meet the needs of your changing business. New advancements in technology and better pricing are always worth some exploration. Let us connect you to the right solution at the right time.

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